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Buford is more than just a pretty face! He is a ventriloquist, comedian, voice over artist and raconteur. And he likes obscure words.

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The ultimate and most informative website ever created.  Well, maybe not but, Buford is the man!

You need Buford!

The first question that begs to be asked is why would you want to meet Buford? 

This age old questions and more can be answered across all media and entertainment platforms only by Buford and his once in a generation mind.  He is wise. He is pure. He is funny.  He is Buford. 

Under the bright lights and behind the camera, lies a complex man who can inspire, empower and pontificate on just about anything. 
Buford tells it like it is. 

If you have watched his very popular Tik-Tok videos and subscribed to his YouTube Channel you already know how funny and wholesome he is.  But did you know you can book him now to do comedy, magic, ventriloquism and or voice overs for you.

The World needs Buford now more than ever. He cuts through all the bull, shows us the way and makes us laugh. We need laughter so badly now. We need genuine, real talent that appeals to all age groups like Buford does.

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